Social Security Lawyer in Ft. Myers,Fl

Life happens, and there are just some illnesses and accidents you just can’t bounce back from. Notwithstanding the physical or mental issues you are encountering as an aftereffect of your handicap, you and your family are also experiencing severe financial hardship and stress.

When you have worked and paid hard into a system that is meant to be a buffer in hard times, you expect to be compensated as quickly as you were taxed. Regrettably, a large majority of disability claims, regardless of their merit, are denied the first time. Don't get discouraged. Many of the clients previously denied Social Security disability benefits will later be awarded those benefits. You don't have to go through the process alone in North Fort Myers,Florida .

Daniels Law PA
will help fight for your claim. To be awarded benefits, the administration or administrative law judge must find that you will be disabled for at least one year.

No fees until you collectUnable to work due to any type of disabilityOccupational and non-occupational diseases

If you are denied Social Security Disability (SSD) or Supplementary Security Income (SSI) benefits,Daniels Law PA can help you go after the back benefits and monthly checks that your claim may entitle you.
Since 2000, we have sought – and won – compensation for victims of social security issues caused by the negligence of others. Our experienced attorneys will provide you with a realistic view of your case, and we're not afraid to take on difficult suits. Schedule your free consultation today.