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Family Law Lawyer Theresa Daniels brings a wide variety of life experience to her family law practice. As a divorce and family law attorney in Fort Myers, Cape Coral, Port Charlotte, and Punta Gorda, she has helped many Florida families and individuals through extremely trying times. Family law issues can be emotionally and financially devastating. They can be less so with a compassionate and sophisticated advocate on your side. Contact Southwest Florida Divorce and Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels if you are going through any of the following:
  • Divorce including uncontested divorce
  • Child custody, parenting plans, and visitation negotiations
  • Child support plans and disputes including modification and enforcement
  • Questions about establishment of paternity and rights of unmarried parents
  • Domestic Violence
Daniels Law, P.A., in North Fort Myers focuses on family law and lead attorney Theresa Daniels will always be your lawyer when you contact us. She brings a personal approach to her law practice and will always be available to you to answer even your most intricate questions. In fact, Theresa Daniels is highly experienced in some of the most complex areas of the law and has guided countless clients through challenging family law cases. She has helped numerous people in which the details can be challenging and the stakes extremely high.

A Fort Myers divorce attorney with varied professional experience

Lee County Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels’s experience with family law is complemented by her long history as a Family Law representative. Understanding complex legal language; preparing intricate and lengthy paperwork; anticipating counter-arguments; appearing before legal administrators to make an argument on behalf of her clients; these are all skills a family law attorney must have. When you call (239) 214-6010 you will have the benefit of this deep experience on your side.
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If you need legal assistance through a divorce, child support enforcement or modification, or other family law issue in Florida; if you need a calm, compassionate, and assertive negotiator to help you with a child custody or alimony dispute; most of all, if you need an attorney who has a skilled eye for detail and the ability to explain complex Florida family law in an accessible way, contact Theresa Daniels.
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