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Uncontested Divorce

Fort Myers Uncontested Divorce Lawyer Theresa Daniels

A comprehensive family law firm for uncontested and contested divorces in Florida

If you are divorcing in Florida and are planning an uncontested divorce, contact Theresa Daniels at the Daniels Law Offices in Lee County. No matter the reason why you are getting a divorce, no matter if you have children, have large wealth and assets or not, a Florida divorce can be very complex. Call a Fort Myers divorce lawyer for the guidance you need: (239) 214-6010.

You and your soon-to-be former spouse may have no disputes, no disagreements and may have a friendly relationship. You may agree on how all of your property, retirement accounts, vehicles, debt and other financial responsibilities and assets should be divided. You may also agree on all details of the parenting plan, spousal support arrangements and all other aspects of your divorce. You may also file all of the appropriate paper work, meet all deadlines, and attend to all the legal obligations in order to dissolve your Florida marriage. This may all go very smoothly without an attorney on your side. This is an exceptional situation.

Most Florida divorce attorneys are more than familiar with the divorce process; it is our professional obligation and we have been through, potentially, thousands of divorce cases. When people try to settle their divorce without an attorney, they often make massive mistakes that cause long-term angst for them and their family. Often, people who try to divorce without an attorney working with them make mistakes in their paperwork and end up paying additional court costs as a result of these mistakes. Don’t let this happen to you.

Call Fort Myers Divorce Lawyer Theresa Daniels at (239) 214-6010 to guide you through the Florida divorce process. She will keep your legal fees as low without sacrificing quality and work to make your uncontested divorce process as smooth as possible.

Even uncontested divorce in Florida requires a skilled attorney on your side

Even if you and your ex are on good terms, once you begin discussing details of your intertwined lives, you may realize that an attorney is crucial to help you. An uncontested divorce can be quite complicated if you are unfamiliar with Florida divorce and family law.

Whether contested or not, divorce in Florida is intricate and has many legal details that must be attended to. Divorce becomes especially complicated when child custody, military divorce, alimony, and child support are concerned. By contacting a Lee County divorce lawyer, you will be able to better negotiate and anticipate the long-term impact of your divorce settlement before a conflict arises. Call (239) 214-6010 to speak with Fort Myers Divorce Lawyer Theresa Daniels.