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For unmarried parents and for questions about paternity, Ft. Myers Attorney Theresa Daniels

You may be an unmarried parent in Cape Coral, Fort Myers Beach or elsewhere in Florida’s Lee County. Like many parents, you may be at odds with your child’s other parent if you are divorced or separated. You may have questions about school choice, relocation, support, custody, visitation, and other extremely important family law and parenting decisions. Some of these conflicts and negotiations can be settled between both parents without the need a Florida family law attorney. However, many times, these conflicts can be resolved much more effectively with a skilled attorney working with you.

With five Fort Myers area locations, the Daniels Law Offices are focused on offering you convenient, affordable, and sophisticated legal representation in your Florida paternity case. If you are a parent and are unmarried or the father’s identity is in question, decisions about your family can become entangled with legal complexity. Contact Attorney Theresa Daniels for the legal guidance you may need in this complex area of Florida family law.

Florida paternity disputes—and the testing process—may require a skilled family law lawyer

If parents were not married when their child was conceived or born, the father may have virtually no rights when it comes to participating in the child’s upbringing under Florida paternity law. If you are a Florida father facing this circumstance, call (239) 214-6010 to speak with a knowledgeable and tough advocate for fathers in your situation. Paternity must be legally established and Ft. Myers Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels can help you assert your rights as a parent. She can discuss the Florida paternity test process and advise you on the best way to win your argument as a father.

Another common Florida paternity situation involves a mother who wants to collect the child support to which she is entitled. Unfortunately, a father may refuse to pay child support and deny his responsibilities. These cases can be particularly complex when one of the disputing parties is in a state outside of Florida. No matter the complexity of your Florida paternity case, when you contact the Daniels Law Offices, you will have a skilled and diligent family law attorney on your side.

Call Ft. Myers Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels if you want a lawyer who can clearly explain the Florida paternity test, the legal process involved in asserting your rights, and who can foster calm and professional negotiations between disputing parties. Call (239) 214-6010 for affordable legal fees and payment options designed for any economic level. Fort Myers Lawyer Theresa Daniels believes all people deserve helpful legal guidance no matter their income.