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Modification / Enforcement

A Fort Myers Lawyer for Assistance with Modification & Enforcement

A skilled attorney for post-divorce challenges

Your Florida divorce settlement may need to be amended. When you were divorced, the agreements made sense: alimony, parenting plans, child support, and other details seemed reasonable and fair at the time. Commonly, however, life does not remain unchanged. As a result, the settlement agreed upon may be out-of-date and unreasonable.

Furthermore, you may be content with the divorce settlement, custody arrangement and all the other details of your divorce settlement. However—as is common in Florida—the divorce agreement is not being adhered to. Fort Myers Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels has seen numerous cases in which one party is infringing on the other’s parenting time, is not paying support, or who has violated other terms of the divorce decree. Call (239) 214-6010 to speak with Lee County Lawyer Theresa Daniels to modify your divorce settlement or to fight for the conditions to be enforced.

Florida divorce modification can be extremely complex and requires a skilled family law attorney

Perhaps you have lost your job or your ex has gotten a higher paying job. Maybe you have been injured while on the job in Florida. Or, maybe you are counting on your children’s other parent to abide by the conditions of your child support agreement. The possible variables influencing your case are endless. But you can minimize some of the variables in your case; one constant will be the quality and affordability of your family law attorney when you call Theresa Daniels at (239) 214-6010. She can help if you need to modify or get your decree enforced if it is related to:

  • Child support modification for unforeseen circumstances related to a children’s needs
  • Modification of child custody arrangement for problems in the child’s home
  • Visitation amendments for work schedules, military status changes or other circumstances
  • Enforcement when one parent is complicating the other parent’s visitation with the children
  • Enforcement of a alimony or support payments that have been derelict

These are only a few of the many circumstances that may influence post-divorce modifications and enforcement cases. Regardless of the particulars of your case, you may be under brutal stress trying to fulfill your end of a support agreement. Or, you may be experiencing unfair treatment because your ex will not fulfill their responsibilities. These cases can be very complicated when one of the parties no longer lives in Florida. Enforcement of a divorce settlement in such cases requires an attorney up to the most challenging tasks. Contact the Daniels Law Offices in Lee County for guidance no matter your family law dispute.