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Florida Family Law Attorney: A Divorce Lawyer in Fort Myers

A Lee County divorce lawyer to guide you through complex negotiations

The Florida court system, mediation process, financial documents, legal paper work, and other complexities of getting divorced in Florida can add to your already significant emotional and financial stress. You need an attorney who is not only compassionate and sympathetic to your struggles but is also diligent and knowledgeable. Call Theresa Daniels at the Fort Myers Law Offices of Daniels Law, P. A. (239) 214-6010.

There are many experienced family law attorneys for Lee County and many qualified divorce lawyers. When you do select an attorney, make sure that they are making your case a priority and that their legal fees are fair. Concerns about the quality or cost of your Florida divorce lawyer should not add to your already considerable stress. Contact Theresa Daniels for a divorce lawyer committed to your best interests including your financial well-being. We are accessible to people from all financial backgrounds.

A compassionate—and comprehensive—divorce lawyer in Ft. Myers

No matter the complexities of your Florida divorce case, the Daniels Law Firm is prepared. Though Florida law is complex, divorce is emotionally challenging, and financially stressful, we make these promises: your divorce case will always be our priority. We will explain the complexities of Florida law in straight forward and clear ways. We will be sensitive to your emotional challenges. And we will always offer practical legal advice and aggressive representation at a modest cost. Contact us for the legal representation you need through divorce, alimony negotiations, and any of your family law needs.

Theresa Daniels focuses on family law because she is deeply committed to seeing families and individuals resolve their issues in diplomatic ways that consider long-term consequences of their divorce settlement. She is a skilled negotiator, sophisticated courtroom lawyer, and aggressive advocate for her clients. For help with any family law issue including the following, call (239) 214-6010:

  • Uncontested divorce:  You and your soon-to-be ex may be on relatively good terms, but the financial and legal details may still require a Florida divorce lawyer to facilitate the process.
  • Military divorce: Often military divorces have particularly complex circumstances: one party in the divorce may be out of state or overseas. Housing, benefits, parenting plans and other circumstances may require a family law attorney in Florida with the skills for a military divorce.
  • Child custody and parenting plan negotiations:  a divorce lawyer can help you foresee the long–term implications of your arrangements and help you avoid potential conflicts.

Call (239) 214-6010 to speak with your Lee County Divorce Lawyer Theresa Daniels.