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Child Custody (Parenting Plans)

Fort Myers Child Custody Lawyer

A compassionate and—when necessary—aggressive Fort Myers lawyer for child custody cases

You may be going through a Florida divorce and negotiating a parenting plan with your soon-to-be ex. You may be trying to relocate to another state and need to negotiate a parental relocation. You may want to alter the visitation schedule or seek to have your children with you more often after a divorce. No matter the situation you face during Florida child custody negotiation, Fort Myers Family Law Attorney Theresa Daniels can help you achieve your goals. Call (239) 214-6010.

Somewhere in Lee County, a family is struggling through a divorce, negotiating child custody, and trying to create a fair parenting plan. These are challenging issues that will have a long-term impact on parent-child relations. With the right Florida family law attorney, these negotiations can go much more smoothly. Contact the Daniels Law Offices in Fort Myers for practical, compassionate and knowledgeable legal representation through your Florida child custody dispute.

Child custody negotiations can be extremely sensitive; contact a qualified Fort Myers lawyer

The details of your particular Florida child custody dispute are unique, but an experienced family law attorney has helped countless people through similar circumstances. A Fort Myers family law and divorce lawyer—like Theresa Daniels—will be able to adapt their experience and legal knowledge in a way that will best serve you and your family. Having legal knowledge and familiarity with the Florida legal process is crucial for a skilled attorney. But, when children are involved, you may need an attorney who brings more than legal knowledge and professional competence to your situation.

Theresa Daniels has the background and legal skill you would expect of a highly-sought after Ft. Myers divorce and child custody lawyer; but she has other assets as well.

Theresa is dedicated to children’s rights and became an attorney—in large part—to protect children’s best interests. The Daniels Law Offices continue to focus on comprehensive family law in Florida with a special emphasis on the best interests of children. Your children may be full of anxiety over the changes to your family’s normal routine as a result of divorce. You may be an unmarried parent in Florida who has concerns related to your child’s paternity and how that will affect child custody and child support decisions. You may be a grandparent concerned about your grandchildren’s safety in their home after their parents’ divorce. These are all circumstances that can be handled in a clinical and detached way. Or you can contact Theresa Daniels for an attorney who is sensitive to the emotional impact of child custody disputes. She will be sympathetic with you but will also aggressively fight for the custody arrangement that you want. Call (239) 214-6010 for an attorney with extensive legal knowledge and the compassion you need in a Florida child custody dispute.