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Alimony / Spousal Support

Florida Divorce Attorney for Your Alimony Negotiations

A Fort Myers family law attorney ready to help in your FL alimony dispute

At Daniels Law in Fort Myers, we have assisted our clients through contested divorces and uncontested divorces that involved extremely complex alimony negotiations. We have also helped people who need to modify their support agreements or need help getting them enforced. When people in Lee County need a family law attorney—in Coral Springs, St. James City, or Bonita Springs—Attorney Theresa Daniels is often who they call. She can be on your side as you seek to establish alimony, negotiate a modification of your spousal support agreement, or have any questions about Florida family law. To speak with a knowledgeable, affordable, and down-to earth attorney with Florida roots: (239) 214-6010.

Questions for a Florida family law attorney about spousal maintenance?

No two divorce cases are exactly the same. The best way to get answers to your alimony questions and to get the focus you deserve on your particular circumstance is to call (239) 214-6010 and speak directly with Theresa Daniels. However, these are common questions that many people have:

What exactly is Florida alimony? Alimony—also known as spousal maintenance in Florida—is a payment made from one party to another after divorce. One spouse may be required to pay the other spouse an agreed upon amount for a long or short period of time. The outcome of such cases varies widely depending on your circumstance. However, with a skilled Florida attorney, you can increase your chances of getting an agreement that is best for you. Contact Theresa Daniels.

Why is spousal maintenance required? A lesser earning spouse may have contributed to a marriage in ways that are difficult to assess financially. The spouse who earned more money will probably be required to pay until their former spouse improves their earning potential. Often, spousal maintenance in Florida will be a form of reimbursement for passed opportunities during the marriage. You may be able to get financial support for career training or other education that will be paid for as a result of spousal maintenance. You may need a skilled divorce lawyer who can discuss the many options you have for getting the support you need and, on the other hand, not paying an unfair amount of alimony. No matter your interests, Theresa Daniels will protect them: (239) 214-6010.

How does a Florida family court determine an amount for alimony? Disparity in the parties’ earnings; the length of the marriage; the standard of living of the couple; the ages, employment background, earning potential of each party; health conditions; if very young children or disabled children are involved; and the list goes on for the many factors used to determine spousal maintenance payments. Your circumstance is unique and requires an attorney who can help no matter the circumstances that you face. Fight for what you deserve in your divorce settlement. Call (239) 214-6010.