Is “The Custody System” Biased Against Single Fathers?

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The most recent Census Bureau figures say that 23.4 million children – a quarter of the children in America – live with a custodial parent, and only 18% of those parents were fathers.  4% of children in the US live with single fathers, as compared to 24% with single mothers.  Child support is awarded to mothers 3 times as often as to fathers.  What’s going on here?  Are the cards stacked against dads?

Before you get up in arms, realize that child custody is usually agreed by parents with no interference from the family courts.  It’s really not a case of “the system” working against the father.  There are biases in our culture, but attitudes are changing, and old assumptions are being challenged.

The complete absence of a positive male role model is often a crisis in a child’s life, and can have far-reaching effects.  Recognition of this is growing, and men are stepping up to their responsibilities to their children.

If you are a single dad struggling with custody issues, and are perhaps losing hope, please read the article below, and take heart.  Get in touch with an experienced family law attorney in the area and explore your options.  Your efforts are likely to make a big difference in the life of your child.

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