New Florida Legislation Could Reduce Spousal Support

Ratified spousal support may hit Florida in the very near future. Spouses burdened by expensive alimony payments stand to gain some genuinely sought after breathing room should a controversial new bill clear one more

The bill is currently awaiting the Florida governor’s signature before sweeping spousal support changes come to fruition. The nature of the bill permits state judges to dilute alimony payments, going so far as to allow judges to set a financial cap altogether.

Under the status of current alimony legislation in Florida, former spouses are required to pay the recipient until death. New efforts would bar payments from occurring beyond half the length of the original marriage. Benefit caps are based upon the recipient’s salary. The bill additionally forces judges to award mutual child custody to spouses in the majority of cases.

Experts maintain that the days of former spouses surviving solely off alimony payments are seemingly numbered, alimony legislation growing more conservative every year. Many officials in the legal field suspect the bill to be spurned for its inability to reach a broader scope.

Newly crafted alimony legislation could be sweep neighboring states if Florida’s bill comes to pass.

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