Florida Gov. Rick Scott Vetoes Alimony Bill

Florida Governor Rick Scott has vetoed a bill that would greatly affect the current alimony laws in Florida, shortening timetables for alimony and ending lifetime payments altogether. Scott’s veto arrived only a short four hours prior to the midnight deadline, at which point the bill would have rolled over into state law.

Florida’s current state law can hold ex-spouses financially responsible for permanent alimony payments, providing their former partner with some fiscal stability in many cases. The law was originally fashioned to ensure women who weren’t part of the American workforce had financial backing. Over subsequent decades, women have done much to bring equality to the modern employment arena – calling into question the existence of drastic laws such as permanent alimony payments.

Regarding his issued veto toward the bill, Scott stated he could not support it because, “it applies retroactively and thus tampers with the settled economic expectations of many Floridians who have experienced divorce.” Although Scott lauded the bill’s creation, he has indicated more work will need to be done before sweeping changes to Florida’s alimony laws are implemented.

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