Express Divorce Programs Offering Simplified Solutions

The process of divorce features many hurdles, many of which are in the tangible form of divorce paperwork. Overcoming these legal hurdles is a lengthy process that can span months , even years,  before legal separation is achieved. Now a newly introduced ‘express divorce’ in Sacramento County is resolving many divorce cases in as little as a day.

Divorce paperwork involves many complex issues concerning child support, alimony and visitation rights. While these settlements are greatly benefited one way or the other through professional legal counsel, many couples lacking the financial ability to contract a lawyer are seeking other solutions.

While the Sacramento County express one-day divorce project is proving worthwhile for many divorcing couples in the area, it does present its own share of obstacles. Express divorce simplifies many of the sensitive issues pertaining to divorce, handicapping ones’ ability in areas to retain specific privileges.

Express one-day divorce programs could arise throughout additional US regions should Sacramento’s version rise in popularity. Currently, 20 couples on a monthly average are utilizing the program in place of slogging through the perpetual stream of divorce paperwork.

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