Workshop Informs Potential Divorcees on Proceedings

Do you know how to begin the process of filing for divorce? The fact of the matter is many couples in the US have little to no idea how to put their divorce in motion. Now one group is looking to streamline the process.

South Carolina Legal Services is presenting a free “Do-It-Yourself” Divorce Workshop during the second week of April, and the interest in attending seems to be growing. An insider reported that space is ultimately limited to around 25 people on account of requiring attentiveness to forms and policies in conjunction with each attendee.

The offering seems to be a popular trend among potential divorcees, aimed at informing everyone how to represent their own interests throughout divorce. It is not however aimed to provide those attending the workshop with attorney representation or specific advice about their divorce circumstances.

Covering the process of divorce from start to finish will ensure many people at a loss with the procedure overall can comfortably transition out of their marriages. With the amount of people booking the workshop so quickly, the group has indicated they are likely to host another event in the near future.

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