Getting Back Into the Dating World After Divorce

Dating after a marriage can seem like an intimidating thought; you may still be bitter about your ex or leery of any potential suitors. Just like any other relationship you may have had, don’t compare him or her to your former spouse, it’s completely unfair, and you wouldn’t want anyone comparing you that way either! Make sure to not get caught up in your past, or how you wasted time with your ex; it is unproductive.

A general good practice for the newly divorced is to avoid criticizing or bad-mouthing your ex. When you’re starting to see someone new it could show that you are unstable or not ready to date if you constantly bash him or her. If you can’t get past these feelings, perhaps it is best to take some time to yourself to heal your wounds instead of getting a new person involved, it can spare you even more heart ache.

When you finally meet someone you like, and you feel ready to be with someone in the long term, make sure to be honest about your past divorce, children, or any other matters that could eventually become important. If you have kids, also let them know that mommy or daddy has decided to see someone new, once the time is right. Make sure to be upfront with your children and answer any questions or concerns they may have, it is also wise to hold off on your new partner meeting them until you feel okay with it. You do not want your children to witness a revolving door of men or women coming in and out of their lives.

Take care of yourself, it’s hard to date after divorce, but it can also be a fun and exciting opportunity to re-experience the single life. Keep positive people and thoughts in your life, and avoid any hostility or unnecessary confrontations with your ex-spouse.

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