Bill O’Reilly Divorce Hits Catholic Church

Bill O’Reilly is perhaps best known for his Fox News prime time show, The O’Reilly Factor, but the latest headlines involving the famous pundit are coming with a new twinge of controversy. O’Reilly, a lightning rod for attention due to his passion and bluntness, is now involved in a high profile post-divorce custody battle.

Reports indicate that O’Reilly and his former spouse, Maureen McPhilmy, divorced during 2011. When the case seemed to be closed for good, O’Reilly apparently enlisted the services of the Nassau County Police Department to conduct an internal affairs investigation into his ex-wife’s new flame, someone who just so happened to be a Nassau County detective himself.

Making matters more complicated is the alleged involvement of the Catholic Church throughout the legal battle. McPhilmy was apparently reprimanded by the Catholic Church in some capacity, who have apparently gone on to indicate McPhilmy will be precluded from communion for the time being. Reports additionally indicate that O’Reilly is seeking an annulment of the marriage, an attempt to invalidate the marriage from the perspective of the Catholic Church.

It’s difficult to make sense of this high profile case at the moment, as if often the case whenever celebrities are involved in such cases.

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