Valentine’s Day Promotion Promises Free Divorce

Is there a more polarizing holiday than Valentine’s Day? For many, the middle of February separates the very much in love from the hopelessly alone. Now one attorney is offering a promotion that seems to play off this remarkable dynamic: This February 15th you may be awarded with one free divorce.

Michigan attorney Walter H. Bentley is running this Valentine’s Day special that seems to be grabbing plenty of national attention. Bentley claims he thought of the idea when he attended a divorce celebration. It may sound ironic, yet divorce can provide the clean slate many couples are yearning for.

The winner will be chosen using set criteria. Only cases that are otherwise uncontested are eligible, convoluted cases concerning child custody are non-applicable. Bentley is ideally looking for a couple that overcame some financial obstacle such as bankruptcy that left them unable to finance a divorce. There have been nearly 500 contestants thus far regarding the promotion.

Divorce doesn’t always have to be associated with classic pessimism. The rate at which couples are constructively filing, both parties in comfortable agreement, seems to be a growing trend here in America. This particular promotion seems to best highlight the bittersweet nature a divorce constitutes.

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