Steps to Take After Divorce is Finalized

Now that your divorce has finalized, there are still some steps to be taken in order to preserve your security and stability. First, take care of yourself, try to make peace with your new life by starting a new class, volunteering, rekindling friendships, or even taking a vacation. It’s important to take care of your finances as well, make sure to take care of your necessary tasks you discussed with your attorneys.

The best way to change your name back is to name it in your decree, where a judge can sign off on it, once you take a copy of your divorce to him or her. If you did not list it on your decree, you will likely have to go to court to get your old name back. If you’re wishing to change your child’s name, it can be a bit more complicated, requiring consent from both biological parents and other steps, it’s best to discuss this with your talk to an attorney.

It is also good to review your decree from time to time just so you can make sure to abide by the deadlines listed in your settlement agreement regarding bank accounts, credit cards, and other assets. Transferring the titles of your vehicles, or receiving certain items will be critical in keeping things simple and staying out of the courthouse. It might be wise to create a list for yourself as a reminder to get things done in a timely manner.

Another step to protect yourself involves developing a financial plan to keep yourself out of debt and away from creditors. You will likely have to allocate money differently than before, since your income may be affected, and divorces can be costly. Educate yourself about your finances and consult an expert to review your spending habits. Just because your life has changed doesn’t mean it still can’t be lived fully and with great happiness in the future.

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