Organization offers online Divorce aid

Attorneys in south Florida have recently launched the Fair Divorce project, a new mediation and document preparation service. Fair Divorce was created to give divorcing couples a less costly alternative to traditional litigation. This program would allow couples to settle the dissolution of their marriage outside of the courtroom.

Couples will eventually have to settle their differences in court but Fair Divorce helps couples prepare documents to file before they get to court, and allow them the time to conserve resources before moving on with their lives. While this seems like an ideal situation Fair Divorce requires that both parties are on amicable terms going through their divorce which is usually not the case for couples looking to end their marriage.

However the co-founders of the organization, Attorneys Michael S. and Ruth Harshman, are confident that the new initiative will help couples take control of their lives with less heartache.

“In today’s economy, many people are struggling to cover the expense of traditional divorce proceedings while dealing with a stressful time in their lives,” Michael Harshman. “Fair Divorce blends mediation, law and psychology to achieve a fair resolution for both parties. We offer a cost-effective alternative for a difficult time.”

While this may seem like a cost effective alternative to a traditional divorce, those seeking to dissolve their marriage should also consult with an experienced family law attorney to consider what is the best option. No divorce is cut and dry.

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