Kim Kardashian Divorce Set For May

The latest high profile divorce making headlines is between Kim Kardashian and former flame, NBA player Kris Humphries. And the details surrounding the annulment are certainly tabloid worthy.

Kardashian has made a name off becoming a prominent figure in the landscape of reality television. Her E! network show, Keeping Up With the Kardashians, is approaching its eighth consecutive season. What’s been keeping this punching bag for critics afloat after all this time? Humphries alleges his marriage to Kim primarily occurred to manufacture a storyline for the show and is thus pushing for annulment.

Kim has been quick to rebuke these allegations. Kim has requested that all court proceedings operate in accordance with what should ultimately be considered her second divorce.

It appears the case is set for May this year, in the midst of the busy playoff season for Kris Humphries. His lawyers are currently pushing to have the case delayed until the season is over, but Humphries is receiving little sympathy from court officials. All indications suggest the high profile divorce case will occur as regularly scheduled.

Humphries lawyers are requesting hundreds of hours of footage from the show to prove the marriage was fraudulent but have yet to secure permissions.

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