Facebook Becoming More Popular in Divorce Court

In 2011, one third of U.S. divorces mentioned the social media site Facebook in their filings. Now that social media has almost dominated text, phone calls, and emails, it can be easier to have an affair for some. The numbers show no signs of slowing, from infidelities to child custody, Facebook is now an important factor in putting the pieces together.

Some family law attorneys can now use social media sites in the course of a deposition, to provide substantial proof of a love affair, or even bad parenting. Children’s profiles are  subjected to search, just like their parents, since potential evidence can be found regarding the child’s state of being.  People share many of their most private details on these sorts of sites, with the average person posting 70 pieces of content per month. Pictures can be an especially effective way to provide proof of infidelity, or other crimes as well. The trouble with sharing so much information, is that it likely stay on the internet forever, through one form or another.

It seems that social media site have become almost the middle man in these different types of break-up scenarios. Courts can read the incriminating messages to a lover, Facebook friends can accuse a spouse of cheating, and there can be a public battle of mud-slinging between the couple and their friends through wall posts.

Although it is not the fault of the social media sites for providing a seemingly easier way to have an affair, people need to understand the consequences of posting and sending messages online. If you are going through a divorce, make sure to contact a reputable attorney who can help you through this difficult time.

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