Australian Woman Claims House is Haunted to Keep Home in Divorce

A 52-year-old woman in South Australia told her attorneys, the property inspectors, and a judge that her $750,000 home was haunted by a ghost which had been seen in her bedroom which she had shared with her former spouse. The woman claimed that even her neighbors new about the ghost which was confined strictly to her room.

The woman is being accused of trying to drive the price of her home down so she could afford it after the divorce, since not many home buyers  are particularly looking for a haunted house. Her former husband was looking to sell the home, which is when she came forward with her paranormal revelation.

Inspectors told her that they had failed to locate the ghost in the home during the appraisal, and said that the apparition must have been “out to lunch.” Alongside that, the property also had other scary problems including termites, a leaking shower, and a nearby train which was very loud. When asked the ghost, the homeowner claimed that she “felt something” and that the house was a neighborhood legend.

The judge was not amused with the statements in which the woman presented, and accused her of fabricating the paranormal claim in order to keep the home, and not have to pay a large sum during the divorce. Fortunately for the woman, she was allowed to keep her home, as long as she split everything and also paid $189,000 to her ex-husband.

If you are considering divorce, make sure you contact a respected and knowledgeable attorney who can help you keep what you own, and make your life simpler through this trying time.

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