Women At Risk of Losing Health Care Following Divorce

A recent study finds that an alarming amount of women forfeit their private health insurance following a divorce.

Researchers from the University of Michigan looked at data over the course of a decade to determine their findings. Over 100,000 women lose their health coverage in the process of divorce, the report indicating coverage remaining low within that statistic for subsequent years.

The study dealt with a large sample size of women that ranged in age from mid-20 to mid-60. The statistic is considerably more alarming in regards to older age brackets, increased age driving the necessity for insurance with the probability of various complications to health on rising.

Roughly 1 million divorces occur every single year within the United States. Divorce introduces many financial hardships regardless of gender, yet if the recent study is any indication the added burden of coverage loss may prove significantly damaging to women following divorce.

Researchers conducting the study maintain women presently in moderate-income families will face the greatest risk in losing their health insurance following a divorce. It remains to be seen how the Affordable Healthcare Act might influence the situation when it’s finally in full swing by 2014.

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