Legal Conquest Over Missing Millionaire’s Estate Continues

In a case seemingly ripped from Hollywood, Guma Aguiar, the Fort Lauderdale millionaire gone missing, was told by his wife she was seeking a divorce less than a day before vanishing. The absence of Aguiar has prompted a high stakes legal battle over his estate worth $100 million.

It is yet unknown if Aguiar remains alive. His boat was discovered washed up on Fort Lauderdale beach with the engine running, an event that prompted the U.S. coast guard to launch an investigation at to Aguiar’s whereabouts. The results have been highly inconclusive since the operation started. The latest reports indicate Aguiar could be concealing himself somewhere within the Netherlands.

With an estate measuring in the millions potentially up for grabs, a bitter legal battle between Aguiar’s wife and mother continues to wage. Both parties have taken legal action in pursuit of acquiring part or whole of the estate in question, but it’s a special circumstance sensitive to court rulings as has yet to be determined as deceased.

Those close to case have speculated that Guma Aguiar may have relocated to the Netherlands as many of his personal business associates have elected to make the same move in a relatively short length of time. Despite the coincidence, officials are hardly any closer to making a ruling on the proceedings.

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