Florida Family Law Attorneys push for Alimony Reform

As Congress gears up for the 2013 legislative session, one of the biggest issues on the agenda is a reform to Florida’s alimony laws.  Florida currently has some of the most progressive alimony statutes in the nation.  These laws were changed as a result of the Family Law Section of The Florida Bar working closely with members of the legislature to institute good public policy which cut down on the amount of litigation and allowed more cases to be settled out of court.

The Family Law Section of the Florida Bar is a group of respected lawyers specializing in divorce proceedings, custody disputes, adoption, and enforcement of alimony and child support.  Family Law does not only pertain to the actual pretrial and trial process but also the evaluation, handling and resolution of familial disputes both before a case is set for trial and post-judgment proceedings.

The group is seeking to further Florida in its reform of alimony law so that public policy is equitable and fair for all parties involved.  The members of the Family Law Section are determined to continue the dialogue in 2013 with legislators and advocacy groups alike in the pursuit of progress. Several section members have already reviewed draft proposals and are supportive of policies that will once again decrease litigation in an already clogged Florida court system and share these costs back to the taxpayer.

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