Former NFL player Warren Sapp’s house up for auction, still owes back child support, alimony

Warren Sapp once made millions of dollars playing for NFL teams Tampa Bay Buccaneers and Oakland Raiders, but those millions weren’t enough to sustain his lifestyle – or his child support payments.

In April, Sapp filed bankruptcy claiming he owed $6.7 million in debts but only had assets of $6.45 million. Among the debts he listed in his filing were medical bills, attorneys fees, car rental fees, as well as, income taxes not paid of around $940,000 and $876,000 in alimony and child support. Among his assets were his collection of Air Jordan shoes and his waterfront 10,000 square foot Windermere, Florida mansion, complete with its own waterpark-quality waterslide and lazy river in the backyard pool.

While in general, filing Chapter 7 gets rid of one’s debts, taxes, child support and alimony payments are not just erased. These payments still have to be made. But with a Chapter 7 filing of Bankruptcy, child support, alimony and tax payments may be easier to make.

Sapp also filed documents in October of 2011 to request lowering his monthly payments to his ex-wife, who is owed the bulk of the child support and alimony. He is already behind over $725,000 of $15,000/month child support and $45,000/month alimony payments to her. HIs other child support payments are to four other children (with four different women).

It may seem a bit strange that he owes over $700,000 to one mother, and only $150,000 split up between 4 different mothers. This is because each case for child support is heard differently and amounts may be set by different judges.

It will be interesting to see how long it takes Sapp to become caught up with his payments. Currently as a personality for the NFL he makes around $45,000/month, but was already having a wage garnishment of $33,000/month for unpaid debts.

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