Chad Johnson and Evelyn Lozada’s Divorce Finalized

The whirlwind marriage of Chad “Ochocinco” Johnson and Evelyn Lozada looks like it has finally come to an end.

According to reports, the divorce papers filed by the high-profile couple have been signed by a Florida judge just this past week.

Johnson’s attorney, Adam Swickle, was very happy with how the hearing played out, saying that it was “very procedural” and “very quick.” Swickle also said that neither Lozada or Johnson were in attendance at the hearing, and that it was over within “three to five minutes.”

The couple, who had only been married for roughly 2 months, began divorce proceedings after Johnson was arrested for alleged domestic assault. The initial papers were filed by Lozada, with Johnson filing his own papers roughly one month later.

The couple married on July 4 in a very extravagant ceremony. Lozada, star of the hit show Basketball Wives, played a part in getting their nuptials recorded as part of a VH1 reality show titled Ev and Ocho. The show was canceled immediately after 34-year-old Johnson was charged with head-butting his wife just one month later, on August 11.

The divorce papers were filed by Lozada just 2 days later, while Johnson went and got a tattoo of his wife’s face.

Johnson and Lozada, who are both known for having strong internet presences, posted updates referencing the divorce. Johnson posted a fancy-looking shot of himself with a caption “Love Never Look So Good,” while Lozada posted on her twitter feed “Oh what a GREAT morning!!!”

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