Baby Boomer Divorce Rate Sees Large Increase

It seems like divorce has become increasingly common year after year for decades now. No one knows exactly why this is the case, but it is the subject of many a heated debate.

While the total divorce rate has been increasing pretty regularly, one particular age group has avoided being involved until just recently: Older generations.

According to the most recent study, which was performed in 2009, 1 out of every 4 divorces involved an individual from the baby boomer generation. The previous divorce numbers, which were released in 1990, show that this is an increase of 15%.

Divorce is almost always a painful process for all involved, but for those that have been married a long time, there are some unique difficulties to face.

For example, when individuals who have been married just a few years get divorced, they are often able to transition easily back into the life they had before they were married. This includes obtaining employment, finding a place to live, returning to school, etc. For those who get divorced later in life, however, they are not afforded as many options, especially if the individuals in question are of retirement age.

In a marriage, finances and expenses are split. Couples are often able to get by with one car, and can share living expenses such as phone bills, rent, insurance, etc. When couples split, they will find themselves solely responsible for all of those bills, so naturally their respective financial burden increases.

These issues increase further if either person currently suffers from any health issues, as they can easily rack up exorbitant bills when facing the costs alone.

Make sure that if you are getting divorced, you speak with a qualified attorney immediately, to help you form a financial plan for once the divorce is finalized. The sooner you can follow the plan, the better prepared you will be to face the future.

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