Millionaire Ignores Court, Allows Son to be Married, Found Guilty of Contempt

A Florida millionaire was shocked when he found out that ignoring an order from the divorce court could lead to him being put in jail.

Dan Rotta, well-known Florida millionaire, was undergoing divorce proceedings when he ignored a direct order from the judge overseeing the trial, who found him guilty of contempt, and sentenced him to 180 days in jail. The sentencing was a result of Rotta letting him and his estranged wife’s teenager to get married in Las Vegas, rather than do as the court instructed, and put him in a Utah boarding school. The 16-year-old had had a long history of being “troubled,” so the court determined a boarding school was the best option for him.

Rotta, 65, was sentenced by Circuit Judge John Schlesinger on Tuesday, and was immediately booked into Miami-Dade County Jail. The divorce proceedings have been ongoing since May.

In his final order, Schlesinger was very blunt with Rotta, saying “it is hard for this court to imagine a bolder, more egregious example of indirect criminal contempt.”

Rotta’s wife did not approve of the marriage, but as Nevada allows 16-year-olds to be married with one parent’s consent, the marriage was found to be legal and binding.

Some may find the judge’s ruling a bit harsh, but the truth is that the 16-year-old’s marriage effectively removes him from the court’s control entirely.

He is now married to the 18-year-old daughter of his family’s housekeeper, and he and his wife currently live on Fisher Island in a private penthouse.

Rotta and his attorney are attempting to appeal the jail sentence.

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